Cabinet Items

Cinocabinet is a large floor standing drawer type item, which has a multi functional usage in the home cinema room. The similar outlook hides inside different type of constructions, which can be used as for the storage, bass driver as well as for the full range speaker. The cabinets can be used as a modular array of floor standing items to form a stylish AV-stand, or as individual AV-components.



Cinocabinet _drawer

Cinocabinet _drawer is a versatile and compact floor standing drawer. It can store both AV equipments and the small items as remote controllers or bluray discs. The semi transparent front cloth passes not only the IR signal of AV device, but also the sound and air. Thus the specially designed Cinospeaker _box can operate as a center speaker under the flat panel TV. The rigid telescope tracks open and close the front cover plate as well as the upper disc shelf nice and smoothly. The large hole in the back plate allows an appropriate ventilation and cabling to the AV equipment.

Cinocabinet _disc drawer

Cinocabinet _disc drawer is a much similar to _drawer. The difference is that there are now only slots for the discs, total six in two levels. The three disc slots at the bottom open with the drawer front cover, and the three at the top open one at a time. There is a good access to every 200 bluray discs, which the cabinet can roughly contain inside. It is also possible to store the DVDs or CDs on the shelving.

Cinocabinet _woofer

Cinocabinet _woofer is a passive speaker for the low frequency audio reproduction. The carefully designed enclosure with appropriate support constructions avoids any vibration, which result a clean and dynamic low frequency playback down to 22 Hz with ease and quality. The item can be used as a discrete subwoofer for the sound system. On the other hand, it can be single- or bi-wired to operate as a bass driver to the Prismasonic speakers of only tweeter and mid driver. Together they are a large 3-way speaker. The adjustable pads in the corners make the box stable and acoustically decouple it from the room. This instantly improves the accuracy by isolating the equipment from vibration and dampening unwanted influences on sonic reproduction.

Cinocabinet _speaker

This is the cabinet item of full range 3-way speaker with a volume of 100 liters. The tweeter and the mid drivers are located in front, and the 12 woofer is located at the back of the housing with the speaker cable connector. Because the lowest frequencies are fully omnidirectional, it does not matter if the element is heading in the wrong direction. The item has exactly the same support construction of the bass element as the pure woofer cabinet has, so the low frequency playback is extremely high quality along with the mid and high frequencies, which makes the sound of this cabinet very impressive.

Cinocabinet _trap

Cinocabinet _trap is an acoustic energy absorber, which is intended to damp the extremely low frequency sound energy, where the absorbers, diffusers or even the lower volume Cinopanel _trap are not capable of. This perforated Helmholz panel resonator has been tuned to 60 Hz, which absorbs up to 120 Hz and down to 30 Hz audio frequencies with greater than 80% effectiveness. The cabinet bass trap has exactly the same support construction inside as the Cinocabinet _woofers. The changes in pressure inside the box can be significant also in case of the passive low frequency resonator. Thus, in order to gain an optimal performance, the unwanted housing resonances must be eliminated.