Cinoseat is a large seat with a durable leather upholstery. Its ergonomic design has a separate backrest, seating and footstool parts. The first two are connected into the two 25 cm wide arm rests. The massive and attractive arm rest parts with cup holders are exactly at a proper height for the forearm resting. Also, they are wide enough to share one rest per every two seats. The strongly shaped, high backrest part gives a perfect support for the lower back, shoulders and the head. This allows a very restful, but still healthy posture, which can stay unchangeable and upright even when watching the longest feature film. The appearance of seat is linked closely to other items of Cino product family. As a very unique and luxury feature, the user can choose the RTI automation touch pad to be nicely integrated into the one armrest of the seat row.



Both back rest and seating parts have good adjusting capability to find the best position for the people of various sizes. The seating part can be shifted back and forth total 80 mm with four steps. This allows a good support for the thigh regardless of the physical length of leg. In order to find the preferred resting degree, the tilting angle of the backrest can be adjusted with three steps. The footstool of the seat is an extra comfort item. It gives a more relaxing posture, allowing to rest the legs on the stool. It fits nicely under the seating part when it is not in use.

The row of seats

The seats can be chained to form a row of seats so that one armrest is shared to every two seats. The center armrests are trapezoid shaped. This enables the row of seat to construct an arc with a radius of around 8 meters. Now the side places are also pointing to the center part of the screen, which greatly improves the seating comfort. Together with the curved screen, the curved seating row brings the most immersive movie experience to the home.


CINOSEAT _junior

Cinoseat _junior is a nice smaller seat for children, but it is also suitable for grownups. It gives a good support for the lower back and shoulders for the people of all sizes. The floor acts as a foot stool due to the low seating height. This combined with the lower backrest height enables the junior seats to form the natural front row. Now the audience sitting on the main Cinoseat chairs in a second row has still a free view to the video screen.