Masking System

The horizontal masking system frames the picture with deep black, despite of the aspect ratio of each movie. It has two motorized, horizontally sliding black velvet frames, which open and close the black acoustically transparent mask fabrics. In full open position, the masks pass completely behind the main frames. Masking the picture from left and right creates a true constant image height setup, which also brings a strong illusion of an increased dynamic range, when the black velvet always surrounds the picture. And nothing boosts the wow-factor at a home cinema more than driving the masks to the correct position at the beginning of the movie or the sporting event.

There is also a slightly modified masking option construction available. This special mechanism has been designed so that the masks stay a partly close, even when they are driven to the widest 2.40:1 position. Thus, both the main speakers are possible to be located in such way so that they are always only in behind the masking fabrics, and never behind the actual screen cloth. Because the black masking fabric has a very good acoustical throughput, the mains deliver almost an unchangeable sound to the room.

The systems are available for both flat and curved screens of 2.40:1 aspect. The masking framework is assembled around the existing screen, and if the system is upgraded afterwards, the screen body with a fabric does not have to be uninstalled from the wall. Also the existing wall mounting brackets have been designed to attach both screen framework and the masking system. The installation can be pleasantly done by a single person, one section at a time, directly into the wall.