Screen Cloth #1
  at woven

This fabric features a reference class thick weave to create both a very transparent acoustic performance as well as a solid white projection surface. A dense diagonal pattern shows no moire interference with projectors of any resolution, including the 4k. Also the surface texture is so fine that it becomes invisible already in the very short seating distances. The black back cloth comes with the fabric, and it is for increasing the contrast and for preventing ghosting from the back wall. The gain of the reflective surface with the black backing is around 0.9.

Screen Cloth #2
  at perforated

AT perforated fabric features a coated micro perforated vinyl cloth to create an acoustic transparent screen surface. The high gain of 1.2 increases the brightness around 25% compared to the AT woven white fabric with the black backing. Our micro perforated projection surface also offers up to 15 percent better sound transfer over the standard perforated ones with the less and bigger holes. The overall sound throughput is very close to our AT woven cloth, even if it still slightly looses in the frequencies beyond 3 kHz. The seating distance is good to be over 2 meters, so that hole pattern becomes invisible. Beyond this distance, the picture looks as uniform, clean and bright as on the nonperforated reference cloth.

Screen Cloth #3
  Solid white

Solid white fabric features a matt white surface with the gain of 1.2. It provides not only a good brightness and vivid colors, but also an exceptionally wide viewing angle. The reflective surface, laminated to a black textile backing, has a very high uniformity and stays perfectly flat due to the stability of the material.

Screen Cloth #4
  White 4K

This fabric is the latest PVC based projection surface, whose features are specifically developed for an ultra high definition 4K images. This white and extremely smooth front projection surface with the gain of 1.2 has a black rear side, which does not allow any of the beam to go lost. The specific characteristics of this fabric make it ideal for 4K home cinema projections and also for high resolution images in professional applications.