Screen Module #1

This screen module is a self standing system, which carries both ultra wide, curved screen and its motorized premium masking system. The three extra large speakers are located behind the screen system. The volume of each 2-box speaker is around 100 liters, which makes the bass playback very impressive. The true ribbon tweeter with the mid driver take care of the clear dialogue as well as the very open sounding music. The lower volume box of each speaker operates also as a base fastener of the support construction. These have the pre-machined holes for the mounting brackets of the screen and the masking system. Because everything has been carefully designed and CNC-machined, installing the whole screen module is very smooth and straight forward.

Screen Module #2

This screen module has three front speakers with diffusive characteristics integrated behind the sound transparent screen. The speakers also function as mounting elements of the screen body. The four sturdy mounting bars at up attach the framework securely while leaving an appropriate space to the speakers. The module also includes the bass cabinets for the main speakers as well as the boxes for the AV equipment, which can all be nicely accommodated on the floor, below the screen. The volume of each 12 bass speaker is around 100 liters, which makes the low frequency reproduction of the mains clean and effortless. Moreover, the bass track of movies can be directed to the mains, and thus additional subwoofers are definitely not needed. The masking system of the screen is also possible to be installed for this attractive module.