Cinomorph Anamorphic lenses

picture of cinomorph anamorphic lens

A projector with a high quality anamorphic lens enables the use of an ultra wide screen with the side masking system. And this makes it possible to present the films exactly with the same intensive vibes as in the commercial cinemas. The setup is called Cinemascope. Also, it is appropriate to be aware that the big majority of all time movies has been filmed in this 2.4:1 aspect ratio, which refers to this word Cinemascope. The true constant height system means that the widest movies are always also the biggest in size, and this is not happening in the home cinemas with a standard 16:9 aspect ratio. All the Cinomorph anamorphic lenses have the horizontal expansion optics, thus supporting perfectly a constant height, 2.4:1 Cinemascope setup. The lens series is based on both corrected prisms and cylindrical optics.

Why Anamorphic Lens

The horizontal masks of screen system have now been driven to 16:9 position, and the movie in a 2.40:1 ...

picture of cinomorph prismatic lens

CINOMORPH _Prismatic

Cinomorph _prismatic is based on the achromatic prisms and the spherical focus corrector ...

picture of cinomorph cylindrical lens

CINOMORPH _cylindrical

CINOMORPH _cylindrical lens has a very large aperture 4-element optics, which allows to project ...

Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mount for the Cinomorph lenses is an extremely sturdy, fully custom made construction ...