Panel Items

Cinopanel is a versatile acoustic element, which can be used to fill the walls of the cinema room partly or entirely. With the front upholstery the appearance of all five panel types is the same, even if the acoustical property or the function of the panel is totally different. The array of Cinopanel items on the wall not only brings the sound and improves the acoustic performance, but it also creates a uniform and quality atmosphere to the theater room. In addition to the panel items with an upholstery, there is a group of naked diffusers with different shapes. By positioning them to the wall, it is possible to create a beautiful, functional wall art, which again produce a reference class room acoustic to the sound.


Diffuser Wall

The diffusers of four different shapes and orientations are for creating an impressive diffuser wall art ...

Panel models

Cinopanel _absorber has a 10 cm thick wool plate inside the housing. This attenuates reflective waves ...