Cinopanel _absorber

Cinopanel _absorber has a 10 cm thick wool plate inside the housing. This attenuates reflective waves for audio frequencies above 250 Hz, and thus much improves the overall room acoustics. Part of the absorbed energy is transformed into heat and thus the acoustic absorption is also of particular interest in sound proofing the theater room from the other spaces. The use of wool panels provides a pleasant sound to ears, even if very large amount of sound power is driven into the cinema room.

Cinopanel _diffuser

The diffuser is an important complement to absorber, because unlike absorber it does not remove sound energy, but effectively reduces harms of reflections by causing a mixture of phase shifts. This results a diffusive and live acoustic environment without sound coloration and echoes. If the room only had absorbers and no diffusive elements, the sound would lack much energy and vividness. This diffuser has true diffusion frequencies from 1 kHz to 5 kHz. There are also decorative models without the upholstery available to build an impressive diffuser wall art.

Cinopanel _speaker

The panel speaker has a quality sound, which combines perfectly with the other speakers by Prismasonic to create an immersive surround sound system. In addition to the great sound, this panel speaker also has a diffusive ability to improve the room acoustic. The two powerful driver elements introduce an accurate and high fidelity response in the range of 100 Hz - 20 kHz. The speaker can be used as standalone, or chained with a Prismasonic woofer by using a single amplified signal to form a 3-way speaker with an extended bass drive.

Cinopanel _shelf

Cinopanel _shelf is a nice storage for Bluray or CD discs. It has a capacity of around 90 discs to enclose, while maintaining a clean and uniform outlook to the theater room. The panel shelf consists of two parts, which can be separated in order to pick the items. It is also possible to store up high items like wine bottles when the upper ledge is removed.

Cinopanel _trap

Cinopanel _trap is an acoustic energy absorber, which is intended to damp low frequency sound energy where the absorbers or diffusers are not capable of. This perforated Helmholz panel resonator has been tuned to absorb up to 240 Hz and down to 60 Hz audio frequencies with a greater than 80% effectiveness.