Cinema Speakers

Speaker series by Prismasonic has one, two and three way solutions, which mainly have been designed as for the cinema room concept constructions. The classical two way and three way solutions with a speaker stand are also included in the speaker model series. Additionally the panel and cabinet speaker solutions with the front upholstery are found in the 'Panel Items' and 'Cabinet Items' sections. The certain speaker models are also used in the Prismasonic's sound transparent screen modules as integrated in the constructions. The subwoofers can be operated as stand alone, or they can be wired to act as a bass driver to the speakers of only tweeter and mid-woofer, thus forming together a full band 3-way speaker. The ingenious audio visual solutions make it possible to design many different kinds of luxury home cinema environments with an exceptional performance and an attractive appearance.

The way the Prismasonic cinema speakers handle the dynamics is impressive. The carefully chosen speaker drivers deliver both music's and movie's sound tracks with enthusiasm and plenty of authority, yet having an ability to carefully carry out the subtleties. Particularly the speaker design has emphasized in the sonic and mechanical action with the sound transparent screen cloths. Par excellence, all speaker models of Prismasonic have been designed to seamlessly play together to fulfill a perfect multi-channel sound for the dedicated theater or music listening rooms.

Speaker Drivers

Frequencies above 2.5 kHz are generated with a true 12 mm wide ribbon tweeter. It introduces a high power ...

Speaker models

This beautiful speaker has a quality reproduction of sound, which is created by the elegant small housing ...